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What are Cookies?:

Cookies are small files that are installed in the memory or hard drive of the user’s device, with a limited duration in time, which help to personalize the services offered by the web pages. They allow certain functionalities and personalization (the preferred language, font size, etc.) to be offered that are only available through their use.

Cookies are also used in order to determine the interests, behavior and demographics of those who visit or who are users of a website and thus to better understand their needs and interests and to provide them with a better service or related information.

Cookies are essential to the operation of the Internet; they cannot damage a user’s computer/device and, if enabled in your browser settings, help us to identify and resolve potential operating errors.

Types of Cookies:

There are different types of cookies. They all work the same way, but have small differences:

According to their owner

Depending on their duration

According to their functionality

User configuration to avoid Cookies:

In compliance with current legal regulations, we provide you with information that allows you to configure your browser/browsers to maintain your privacy and security in relation to cookies. Therefore, we provide you with the information and links to the official support sites of the main browsers so that you can decide whether or not to accept the use of cookies.

You can block cookies by using the browser’s configuration tools or you can set your browser to notify you when a server wants to store a cookie.

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